Thursday, September 13, 2018

Library Centers

Microscope Discovery Center

Our 3-6th grade students are learning about classifying living and non living things, cells, and how to use a microscope.  Part of the activity is to draw what they think they'll see and then draw what the sample actually looks like magnified.  

After learning about how to take care of books we now have a bookmark coloring station.

My shelves are looking beautiful because my assistants know how to take care of our library
space and our collection. 

Practicing our ABC order and Dewey Decimals! 

These AR (augmented reality) books bring nonfiction books to life.

Learning how to do research independently, use the database, and 
how to cite your sources! 
Question of the Week Center

 Our Lego Engineering Table. This week's challenge is to build a bridge. I heard some interesting conversations about how making a bridge with legos isn't possible. Then the group discussed their ideas and challenges and came up with an idea to try. I love hearing them problem solve together. Included with this center is books about building and bridges to check out.

Other centers include reading silently on the couches, and our Book Fair I-Spy table.

It's been a great week of reading and curiosity 

See you in the library,

Mrs. Adams

Book Fair Volunteer Signup

We really could use your help at the book fair. It's fun and easy. You also get to see your kids as they visit the library.  

Thanks for supporting literacy and the library here at Fox Hollow.

For Grandparents Day Students will go to their classes to check in first. If grandparents are arriving separately the Student Council members will go retrieve the student to meet them outside the cafeteria, before heading to the photo booth or book fair.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Mark your Calendars...

The Book Fair will be here soon!  Mark your calendars for October 1-5th.  Monday 9:30-2:30 Tuesday (Grands Day 8-10) open until 4.  Wednesday-Thursday October 3-4th 9:30-7:30pm for parent teacher conferences.  Friday open until 9:30-11.

October 2nd we are inviting all Grandparents or those who are Grand to join us for a small breakfast of muffins and juice, a book scavenger hunt and a photo booth with your littles.  This has been a tradition at Fox Hollow and we love seeing our grands share their love of reading with the people who love them most.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Summer Reading Reward--KONA shaved ice truck!

Excited to get their shaved ice!  Thanks Kona for helping encourage our summer readers.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Library Starts Next Week

We're off to a great year and library will begin next week. 

If you did your bingo remember 

Looking forward to seeing you--
I've got lots to show you and so many fun things to read and do together.  

See you soon,

Mrs. Adams

Friday, June 1, 2018

Remember to use Overdrive go to and select Fox Hollow from the dropdown menu.  You will need your Student ID (found in Skyward) and Last Name.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

K-2 Summer Reading Bingo

All Bingo Sheets should be turned in August 24th to Mrs. Adams.  Happy Reading Foxes!

3-6 Grade Summer Reading

Your student will bring home a summer reading bingo sheet before the last day of school. Those who are returning in the fall can bring them to Mrs. Adams for a reading reward! All bingo sheets must be turned in no later than  August 24th.

Thursday, May 10, 2018



If you have a lost or damaged book please pay for your books by May 18th.

Be watching for your summer reading bingo sheet to come home soon!

Thanks to all who came and stocked up at the BOGO book fair this week.  
Image result for kid reading in a hammockRemember:  Summer is the perfect time to get some extra time for reading.  Make sure you still do your 20 minutes of reading a day!

See you in the library!
-Mrs. Adams

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Here's what we're doing in the library...Our New Centers

Question of the Week Center

Using good detail and descriptions --playing the Headbanz game
Marble Run!!
Learning about different types of structures all over the world:
 Pyamids, Castles, Skyscrapers and the Great Wall of China..

Building a Replica of the Empire State Building and then making a catapult to knock it over
Having a grade level competition to see who can look up the college hometowns of March Madness tournament teams in the Atlas...

Rock Me Archimedes game
Using a Lever has never been more fun!

Number Sudoku

Reading 3D books with 3D glasses is awesome!

Doing the US puzzle and learning some geography

Color Sudoku was a first grader HIT!
Don't you wish you could come hang out with us in library? 

-Mrs. Adams

Monday, March 19, 2018

Battle of the 📚 Books

Battle of the Book participants 2017-18
We had another successful school Battle week! Congratulations to the winning teams! I am so proud of all the students and the amount of reading and effort they put in this year. I was very impressed with their preparation.

5-6th Grade Winners
First Place  Ba-Narnians-Grant Welsh, Alex Adamz, David Smalley, Kayson Stephenson, Alex Daniels
2nd Place- Grey Squirrels-Austin Johnson, Amelia Rector, Claire Rampton, Mathew Springer, Afton Nielsen
 Place-Triple Sandwich Waffle Dragons-Jared Greer, Kylee Vincent, Kaylie Hancock, Bronson Wyatt, Javier Prieto
4th Place-Flying Readers- Arianna Kimball, Amy Marin, Macie Wakley, Olivia Southwick, Xiomarie Prieto

4th Grade Winners-
1st Place- Our Team is Gluten Free- Rhett Taylor, Eliana Alomia, Caroline Broderick, Dawson McEwan, Luke Jensen
2nd Place-Skaters- Sydney Hill, Noah Nelson, Garrett Andrus, Adam Warren

3rd Grade Winners-
1st place Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears  Sienna Dixon, Jackson Merrill, Isaac Adamz, Katie Davila
2nd place- Pink Purple MakeUp Wolves- Gabe Morris, Hudson Gilbert, Taylor Price, Jack Schreiner, Noah Burton 

3-4th grade All Star Team Battling the Teachers

The 5-6th Teacher Team

Beating out the teacher team by 2 points!!

A Big THANK YOU to all the volunteers who helped with judging battles and also to Mrs. Smalley and Mrs. Taylor for all the button making, bracket making and ticket taking and over all support! I couldn't do it without you!

Battle of the the Books List 2017-18

Now is the time to start thinking about the upcoming school year. I would love to see more students encouraged to participate this year in o...